Activities That Bring Joy Into Your Life

I don’t know about you, but this isolation thing is starting to get to me. I MISS PEOPLE! So I was ecstatic when a few friends of mine asked me to beckon lovely with them.

Simply put, Beckoning Lovely was started on 8/8/08 at 8:08p CDT by late author Amy Krouse Rosenthal. (And continued for 3 years after.) Her point? To bring more joy and wonder into the world by doing/creating random acts of silliness and kindness.

For ex, that first year she gave a bunch of flowers to someone who showed up to the ‘Bean,’ someone she’d never met before, and asked him to give a flower to various strangers who passed by. The surprise and joy on the faces of the recipients was priceless. To get more background and understanding about Beckoning Lovely, watch Amy’s Ted talk.

In light of the pandemic, one of my friends suggested we beckon lovely via Zoom last week. Though not a substitute for real life, it added laughter and love to our lives, and we hope to yours if you decide to watch our playful party.

We came up with 10 activities to share with each other, and if you want to do them along with us while watching the vid, please have the following stuff handy:
-A small bowl of popcorn, M&M’s or other small, tasty food item
-A candle of any size Matches or a lighter
-A small serving of a food you really love to eat
-As many of your favorite books as you can hold up in front of a video camera
-A poem or part of a poem to share—and yes, your own poems are eagerly welcomed!
-A danceable song cued up on your computer or smart phone to play loudly
-A handwritten message of thanks, hope, or encouragement you’d like to send out to the world
-A special item that brings you beautiful memories of someone or something special to you.

No pressure! Do some or all or none. Watch what we did and then create your own Beckoning Lovely event with those you are sheltering in place with, or on Zoom. And if you do beckon lovely, please reply to this email, or comment on our Youtube video and tell me all about it. We can always use more ideas for the next time we add more joy to the world. Hopefully in person!

Weekly Rad Resource From The Library: Did you know most public libraries offer access to free digital magazines and even some newspapers like the New York Times? Go to your public library digital resources page and see what’s there. This is from Chicago Public Library Online Resources page.

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How To See In The Dark, or Move Past Your Limitations

A Slice of AnnyWorld:

Imagine that the sun set one day and never rose again.  That your nights took over your days, kind of like winter in Alaska. (Though they do have a couple hours of light each day.)  That you had to relearn how to do everything you took for granted before like brushing your teeth, or going to the grocery store.  This is what happened to my buddy, writer Beth Finke, the day her eyes stopped working.

What I admire about Beth is the way she uses her imagination to see in the dark. For example, putting toothpaste on a toothbrush when you can’t see it is impossible. (Try it. I have and can’t do it.) So Beth just squirts the paste in her mouth, and then brushes her teeth. Sounds simple, but not sure I would’ve thought of it.

Besides being a writer herself, Beth teaches  memoir-writing courses for senior citizens. Because Beth wants everyone to be able to read their assignments and get critiqued in every class, she limits their in-class reading to 500 words and five minutes.

Humans being what they are, her students would set the timer to ten minutes or whatever to increase their moment in the sun.  Beth caught on to what they were doing and put rubber cement on the ‘five’ so she always knew where it was on the timer.

Still, sometimes the people who read at the beginning would get more critique time.  She noticed some students would always sit next to her in order to go first.

To fix that problem she decided to give each of them a braille Scrabble letter so they’d go in alphabetical order, instead of by where they sat. Again she picked up on people grabbing the beginning letters of the alphabet to try to get more time, so now she often starts with ‘z’ or some other letter to discourage that behavior.

Because of her ingenuity, as well as her wisdom, Beth’s classes always fill up.

For more ideas on how to see in the dark, and overcome your own limitations, check out Beth’s Safe and Sound Blog.

How have you used your imagination to overcome your limitations?
Share with me via a comment on my blog, or a post on my Facebook page.

Purple Passion of the Fortnight

Purple Passion of the Fortnight


Destination of the Fortnight: Chicago, setting for Beth’s adventures


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