Behind The Vids: What Do You Know About Your Past?

Do you know what your family or community is built upon? In other words, do you know all about your past?

Most of us don’t. Yet our pasts still run us whether we know about it or not. The obvious one is genetics. But many family/community beliefs and/or dysfunctions come from the past too.

If you learn about your past, perhaps it can help you build a better future, or understand why you behave the way you do, or even help keep your community together.

A point of Natasha Tarpley’s middle grade book, Harlem Charade, is that the past should be preserved, not thrown out like yesterday’s news.

Tomorrow in a our book review, you will meet Elvin, Jin, and Alex whose journey into the past helps them solve a present mystery; why was Elvin’s grandfather attacked. It may also save Harlem.

In the meantime, here’s a fact about my past that I literally learned today from my cousin who’s visiting from Atlanta…I have southern blood in me, unfortunately, it’s not Nawlins blood. 🙁

Apparently, some of my ancestors hail from Corinth, Mississippi. They built and owned a department store called Rubels. I’m not sure how it affects me yet, but it may explain my love of buttermilk fried chicken and fried green tomatoes, or Southern Gothic settings.

Rubels circa 1874

Do you know a fun fact about your past? How does it affect you? Please share with me by replying to this letter or tweeting me. I may even post some of your comments under our YouTube book review tomorrow.

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Purple Passion of the Week:
Purple Harlem Street Art

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