Behind the Vids: What’s Your Superpower?

We all have hidden superpowers, but many of us are never asked to discover them.

For those who can’t hear, everyday life can be a challenge. But with the right support and community, the deaf can discover their superpowers.

For some it might be learning a new language: sign language. In case you didn’t know, American Sign Language is different from French Sign Language etc. (I’m not even fluent in English, so I consider learning a new language a superpower that I don’t possess.)

For others it might be lip reading, or amplified hearing to the point 0f having ears like Wolverine.

Our interview guest this week, Pam Simon, who can hear, worked with the deaf community for a long time. She gave us a window into what it’s like to move around our world as a deaf person, and going through that window, we gained tips on how to choose to accept yourself and others.

Challenges often force us to discover our superpower(s) so that we can either overcome them, or learn to build a life that includes them.

Have you discovered your superpower(s) yet?

P.S. Turns out one of my superpowers is being a crazy dog lady! 🙂

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