Behind the Vids: Do You Judge a Crayon by its Label?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Beauty is more than skin deep. I’m more than my ‘labels.’ (In my case, white, woman, JewBu, a creative, etc.)

But the truth is we all do it.

Published authors I know get freaked out if they hate their book cover because kids and adults do judge books by their covers. (And the majority of published authors have zero input on their covers.)

Once when someone found out I was Jewish, she asked me where my horns were. (This was when I was a kid.) I glibly answered, “They’re retractable like My Favorite Martian.”

She bought that. It wasn’t until I got home that Mom explained to that the remark was an antisemitic slur, comparing Jews to Satan.

She was a friend who thought she’d never met a Jew before. So when she learned a new label for me, she didn’t understand why I didn’t fit the description she’d been given.

That’s the subject of tomorrow’s book review of the picture book RED. I LOVE this pb because it deals with our primitive, stubborn  desire to judge people quickly by looks, or labels, before giving them a chance to show us who they are.

This need to judge served us long ago because we needed to assess whether someone or something was a threat. Now most of the time it gets in our way.

So the next time you see a new person, consider trying to stay curious about them despite their looks or labels. Your Reptilian Brain will fight you, but tell it to chill out because you’ve gotten good at distinguishing people from lions and tigers. 🙂 

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