Behind The Vids: Ada Twist and Curiosity

Tomorrow we’ll drop a book review on you, but it won’t hurt.  I promise.

The subject of said book review is Ada Twist, Scientist. Tho written for younger readers, 5-7 yrs old, Ada teaches the rest of us some important lessons too. The value of curiosity and support. You’ll see how in tomorrow’s vid.

What isn’t in the vid is the bio of the woman mathematician/scientist that inspired Ada’s name: Ada Lovelace.

Ada Lovelace, born in 1815 is considered the first computer programmer because she could see that computing machines could do more than just calculate numbers. She wrote extensive notes on the potential for using Charles Babbage’s Analytical Computer in areas not previously imagined, which introduced many computer concepts. She was also the poet Lord Byron’s only legitimate child.

It was her curiosity about all things, and her openness to innovation that paved the way for the computers we use today.

Like her predecessor, Ada Twist sees potential in asking “Why” and then falling down the rabbit hole to see where her curiosity takes her.

Do you have a favorite STEM hero or heroine? I’d love to hear about it!

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