Behind The Vids: Disrupting The System with Cornelius Minor

“Disrupt the system!” When I first heard Cornelius Minor utter these words at a Social Justice Institute event here in Chitown last year, I had very little understanding of what he meant.

Which system or systems? What exactly are we changing? How do we do it?

All I knew was that this man was magical, and I wanted to be part of this movement he was espousing.

In this week’s interview, he elaborates more on what it means to disrupt systems, particularly educational systems, so they are more inclusive. “It’s about changing a system – a rule, procedure, practice or policy – that’s preventing equal outcomes in the classroom.”

Turns out exploring how and when to choose acceptance more often can be an important part of that change. Accepting who someone is, or where they’ve come from, and learning about that culture, can help you meet them where they are at now.

Suffice it to say, this interview is a little longer than our average vid, but we feel that what he has to say, combined with our silliness, is worth your time.

As a teacher of teachers, one who spent time in the 7th grade trenches before his current gig, he’s in a position to take down policies, rules etc. that have failed many students for decades.

And lest you think I’m only talking about minorities, who of us hasn’t had a few teachers who at best ignored our needs, and at worst made us feel stupid or worthless, and thus unable to succeed in our classroom? I’ve had a couple, and to this day I remember them and the damage they did to me.

On a lighter note the faces we make in this vid are priceless, if I do say so myself!

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