Life Begins When You Get Back Up, Revisiting After The Fall By Dan Santat

Two years ago I went extra crazy.(Hormones can be very mean.)

The anxiety I inherited at birth skyrocketed. It got so bad that I could barely eat, leaving me too weak to leave the house for about six weeks. It was the second ‘dark night’ I’d experienced in my life, and just like the other one, I came out of it with wisdom that changed my life.

I realized that without peace of mind, nothing else mattered. Without peace of mind, I couldn’t create the life I wanted. I couldn’t be the person I wanted. Ultimately, I couldn’t really live.

The problem with anxiety is that it forces you to make your life small. The terror that comes when your anxiety is triggered is so overwhelming, you’ll do anything to avoid whatever freaks you out.

Humpty Dumpty suffers from anxiety too. After he falls off the wall, he becomes afraid of heights. This new phobia immediately robs him of his favorite activity, his favorite cereal and other things. I’ll stop here so as not to spoil the rest of the story for you.

Because kids dance with anxiety too, Dan’s picture book is for all ages.

This book is important because Dan takes mental illness out of the closet, and shows the stages we can go through on our way to getting back up again. And he does it in a subtle, powerful way without preaching.

As Dan says, “Fear is a really tough beast to tackle.” Maybe because Dan has had a front row seat to his wife’s journey through anxiety and back out the other side, he can stand in our shoes a little bit.

If I could, I’d give this book to everyone I know, and ask them to do the same.

I wanted to revisit this book with Christina, who hadn’t read it, because now that we’ve wrapped up play as a way into acceptance, recap video here, Christina and I will be looking at how fear and acceptance intersect.

Please watch or listen to our review, which I’ll post on our channel tomorrow. If it resonates with you, go out and buy my favorite picture book of all time. (At least so far.)

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Purple Passion of the Fortnight:

Purple Cereal





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