Behind the Vids, Claire Harfield, BBQ sauce and Triscuits

Claire Hartfield uses stories that explore the past to create a brighter future. Her latest book, A Few Red Drops, looks at the various racial, financial and political conditions that came together to create the Chicago race riots of 1919.

What I love about Claire’s book is that it is a primer on prevention. By focusing on what created the event, rather than just the event itself, it can be used to disrupt and better current tensions to prevent the violence that pervades our country. True to her mission, Claire’s book uses the past to help us better our future. If we’re willing to use it that way. (Too modest to recommend it for our book review this week, she chose another book, We Are Okay, which you’ll hear about on Thursday’s vid.)

A Few Red Drops reminds me of what my Gramps used to say, “Money doesn’t care who owns it.” Seen from that lens the poor, be it Irish,  Black, White or whomever, have more in common than not–a desperate desire to survive, even thrive.

Part of the key to choosing acceptance more often it seems, is the ability to focus more on our similarities than our differences.

What we’re beginning to see with our play experiment is that by laughing and sharing a common goal, such as getting out of an escape room, we focus on our similar needs, or on the strengths we each bring to the task, not our differences or weaknesses. We see our commonality.

Maybe if schools brought in more play, such as an escape room exercise once a week, or fun team building events, our kids would grow up choosing acceptance more often.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts with me either by replying to this letter or commenting on one of my channels. (Links below.)

If you haven’t tried an escape room yet, I highly recommend it!

For those of you who haven’t watched our interviews yet, Christina takes perverse pleasure, as do our guests, in making both of us eat weird stuff related to our guests’ preferences. It’s all part of the torture, er game, of acceptance. Here I’m eating a Triscuit dipped in BBQ sauce.

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Purple Giraffes

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